Free Nulled Uber Script? No Way!

In our world, we have two extreme sects of people, the filthy rich and the extremely poor. The rich are wealthy to an extent that a few thousand dollars here or there makes no difference. The poor are those who do not even know whether they will be able to get even one meal for Best Prestashop Themes the day. As human beings, we look after the poor in our society. To do this there are millions of charitable organizations that have been set up like Medecins san frontiers, Bread for Free the world, The Salvation Army, UNICEF, Wildlife Conservation Society etc.

These organizations help anyone ranging from humans, Opencart Themes animals, flora and fauna, and help look after them, be it by way of food, medication, protection against poachers etc. However, there is no organization that helps by providing a means of cost-effective commuting. Would you like to be that Samaritan and help countries where transport is a major problem? HELP THIRD WORLD COUNTRIES GET INTO THE WORLD OF MODERN STYLE COMMUTING To help understand how you can help such countries you need to understand what the current commuting system is.

I was born and brought up in Kenya, a country that is still considered a third world country even after all these years. The main mode of transport there is the matatu, also known as MA 3. A matatu is actually a 14 seater van or maybe a 32 seater passenger bus. However, the number that is actually on board at any one time is actually more than twice the recommended passengers, with passengers literally hanging onto doorways. The matatu itself is almost touching the road — just to give you an indication of how much weight it is carrying.

I used to travel in such a matatu when going to and from work because it was a cheap and fast mode of travel. By fast, I mean the drivers used to drive on the curb or the wrong side of traffic. However, that was the travelling culture in Kenya — chaotic. Like me, Prestashop Themes the majority of the population used it for commuting purposes for the very reasons that I used to use it — fast and cost effective. Loud blaring reggae music always gives you company on the ride. However what if there was a quiet, cost-effective, comfortable and a safer way to commute here?

Do you think people would warm to the idea? I would. That is where you as an entrepreneur come in. You not only revolutionize the transport system but also make a decent bob or Best Woocommerce Themes two, all for a few dollars.

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